Guaranteed customised endorsements in 10 working days at introductory price of Rs. 800/- ( original price Rs.2400/-).

Otherwise refund of full money.

Do you know that:

Endorsements in Linkedin are a simple and effective way to build your professional brand and engage your professional network

The number of endorsements you receive is also related to the size of your network and the degree to which others are interacting with your profile.

Sometimes the linkedin endorsements are not relevant to you profile so such kind of endorsements may be negative for your profile. We ensure endorsements as per your profile.

But the fact is :

People having more than 1000+ connections have not more than 50 endorsement because

-Your connections may recognise you but don’t have time to endorse your skills.

-Your connections may not feel the need of endorsing your skills.

-Endorsements may be given in incorrect category which adversely impact your profile.

Why order linkedin services:

#1 Builds Credibility
Having recommendations for a specific business or area of expertise shows instant credibility to people that are viewing your LinkedIn profile.

#2 Increases Your Ranking in Search
The number of LinkedIn recommendations that you have is a key component to the search engine algorithm that LinkedIn uses. This allows you to rank higher when someone searches for your area of expertise within in LinkedIn.

#3 Adds Value in the Eyes of Your Current Connections
When your other LinkedIn connections see that you are getting endorsements for your services or expertise it increases the likelihood that they will do business with you in the future.

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